Zilog Introduces Occupancy Detection MCU with PIR Technology

IXYS’ subsidiary, Zilog, has released its new 20-pin ZMOTION embedded microcontroller (MCU) for occupancy detection, energy efficiency and security applications. It combines an MCU with special software for Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detection-based products. The device is designed for energy management and customer sensing applications.

Zilog provides embedded MCU system-on-chip solutions designed for various markets including consumer, industrial, automotive and telecommunications. Zilog’s family of ZMOTION detection and control products are MCUs containing embedded motion detection algorithms, which can be used along with various types of PIR sensors and lenses.

A software Application Programming Interface (API) is used to access the status and control of the PIR engine in the new ZMOTION MCU, while motion detection algorithms run in the background. Users can improve stability and sensitivity by creating a software specifically for the application required. The PIR technology can be scaled to suit occupancy sensing, lighting control, and motion-activated, off-grid, solar-powered LED lighting, escalators, displays, power management, access control, and occupancy- based HVAC control.

Zilog’s VP of Worldwide Marketing, Steve Darrough stated that the Zilog ZMOTION product contains a novel development kit that facilitates easy integration into specifically designed applications. The product provides better stability and sensitivity than other conventional designs. The MCU helps reduce energy consumption depending on the room occupancy. The ZMOTION 20-pin microcontroller with PIR technology can be easily programmed according to the customer’s requirements.

Source: http://www.zilog.com/


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