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High-Performance MEMS Gyroscope for Angular Sensing Applications

Analog Devices has introduced an advanced, high-performance MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) gyroscope called the ADXRS450 iMEMS for angular sensing applications.

The ADXRS450 iMEMS Gyroscope

The ADXRS450 iMEMS, based on Analog Devicesf popular series of previous gyroscopes, has a unique quad-sensor design that enables the device to be operated efficiently and accurately.

The ADXRS450 iMEMS has good stability and is resistant to shocks and vibrations. These features help in eliminating any measurement mistakes that typically occur with other gyroscopes. The ADXRS450 can detect an angular rate of up to }300‹/sec. This angular rate information is projected as a 16-bit word, which is a part of a 32-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI) message. The ADXRS450 iMEMS has a noise-rate density specification of 0.020‹/sec/ãHz, acceleration rectification of 0.003‹/sec/g2, and a linear acceleration sensitivity of 0.03‹/sec/g.

The ADXRS450 iMEMS requires a minimum power supply of 6 mA, which is one-tenth the power of other gyroscopes. The device is ideal for a number of applications such as avionics, industrial instrumentation, robotics and high speed train platform stabilization.

According to Analog Devices, MEMS and Sensors Technology Group, Vice President, Mark Martin, designing and manufacturing a gyroscope that delivers high performance and consumes less power presented a significant challenge. He further added that customers depend on the companyfs reliable and high performance motion sensing devices, which integrate analog signal conditioning circuitry with MEMS sensor design to deliver quality sensing solution.

The ADXRS450 iMEMS comes in a SOIC-16 lead plastic package with a surface mount technology (SMT)-compatible ceramic vertical-mount package. The package significantly reduces costs since all the axes are detected on one printed circuit board (PCB) without the daughter boards.

The ADXRS450 iMEMS is specifically designed to operate over an array of voltage and temperature range from 3.3 to 5 V and -40 to 105‹C, respectively. High vibration rejection, internal temperature compensation, minimum power consumption and extreme shock survivability make the ADXRS450 iMEMS suitable for harsh industrial applications.

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