MEMSIC Unveils 3-Axis Ultra-Small Magnetic Sensor

MEMSIC has expanded its AMR based magnetic sensor portfolio with the introduction of a 3-axis ultra-small magnetic sensor called the MMC3316xMT.

The MMC3316xMT enables 14-bit operation over a broad operating range of ±16 gauss with 0.5 % FSO repeatability, 0.5 % FSO hysteresis, and ±2% FSO accuracy on each of its three axes. The new magnetic sensor delivers superior performance in a variety of applications as it is insensitive to exterior magnetic interferences. It features an ultra-small, low profile LGA package measuring 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.0 mm. Its operating temperature range is between −40°C and +80°C for a supply voltage range between 1.8 and 3.3 V.

The MMC3316xMT consumes very low power of mere 0.1 mA, which makes it suitable for power-conscious mobile applications. With integrated I2C 400 KHz FAST mode operation and on-chip signal processing features, the new magnetic sensor can be directly connected to a microprocessor, meaning that it saves board space, eliminates the necessity for timing or A/D functions, facilitates design and production, increases consistency, and minimizes cost by lowering parts count.

The new AMR based 3-axis sensor features MEMSIC's advanced sensor integration algorithm that eliminates motion sensor integration software and the impacts caused by the interferences of both soft iron and hard iron. The combination of MEMSIC's advanced sensor integration algorithm and the MMC3316xMT exceeds the performance of ‘sensor fusion’ algorithms offered in the market. The MMC3316xMT finds use in gaming, smartphones and tablets, positioning sensing, GPS navigation, electronic compasses for automotive applications, and magnetometry.


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