Flexpoint to Advance Development of Disposable Directional Positioning Sensor for Colonoscopes

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, a designer and provider of thin film sensing technology, has announced the award of a purchase order for a medical device for performing colonoscopy.

Testing on prototypes has already been completed for the disposable directional positioning sensor for colonoscopies. The present purchase order will aid in further development progress of the sensor. A specific difficulty is faced while performing colonoscopies has been the positioning of the colonoscopies in a cost-effective manner. When monitoring equipment is used along with the sensor array, the colonoscopies can be effectively positioned.

A MedScape Today magazine article states that in the US, the demand for colonoscopy is estimated to be in the range from 2.21 to 7.96 million procedures annually.

The president of Flexpoint, Clark Mower, states that the company had reported that it is developing a disposable directional positioning sensor for colonoscopes in March. Prototypes had been developed and tested, and the project has evolved to the stage of receiving purchase orders for the functioning prototypes, he said. The sensor development is showing considerable promise and the present purchase order builds up on the prototype and testing stages. The client was enthusiastic in quickly moving the process for development, testing and approval, Mower said.

Mower commented that rigorous testing will be performed on the sensor device before it received final approval, as it was a medical application. The product may find widespread use for colonoscopies in 2013, he concluded.

Source: http://www.flexpoint.com/

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