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Smiths’ SmartBio Sensor for Protection Against Biological Threats

The SmartBio Sensor, the most recent version of Smiths Detection’s portable bio-threat detector, was recently launched.

Smiths Detection SmartBio Sensor

This sensor system can detect the presence of biotoxins and biological microbes in the air, by virtue of its improved software and higher sensitivity, resulting in protection against biological threats by offering active classification and monitoring.

This sensor is ruggedized and is powered by a battery, rendering it ideal for usage in the protection of public places in several applications such as perimeter monitoring for military environments and outdoor and indoor events.

The enhanced system samples the air continually and traps bio-aerosol particles on the surface of a sensor. These biomaterials are then detected and classified by an onboard computer. An alarm is triggered whenever a potential threat is detected. Then the bio-agents are used for confirmatory tests and archiving. This sensor system features enhanced software capabilities and sensitivity for enabling a broader utilization of the device. This system has been tested in the field successfully with a key police department in the country with an objective to become a component of the police protection scheme.

Smiths Detection’s Vice President Tim Picciotti informed that the most recent SmartBio Sensor version has expanded the ability of private and public sectors to protect against the emerging threats that mankind is facing. He added that Smiths Detection will continue to focus on ensuring that it remains the supplier in demand for systems required for identifying and preventing harmful threats.


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