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Functionalized and Sensing Materials Report on Sensor and Actuator Materials

An addition to the report on Functionalized and Sensing Materials has been announced by Research and Markets in their offering titled Volumes 93-94 on the Advanced Materials Research Series.

An interdisciplinary approach is required to be adopted for functionalized and sensing materials. These novel materials are the focus of interest for many diverse economic interests and scientific fields. This report offers a useful introduction to this subject.

Authored by W. Sricharussin and S. Suttiruengwong, this unique collection covers a range of topics. These include sensor and actuator materials, modified and functionalized and technical textiles, modified and functionalized polymers, modified and functionalized rubbers, semiconductors, enhanced ceramic materials, biomaterials, pharmaceutical materials and petrochemicals, among others.

The series includes 169 papers, which cover fixation and analysis of cyclodextrins in textile finishing, achievements and challenges in polymer substrates for flexible electronics, photon interaction in Borate glass system with BaO, Bi2O3, PbO at 60 keV, theoretical calculation, study of carboxymethyl cellulose through papaya peels as a ceramics-based binder, superhydrophobic raspberry synthesis -like polymethylmethacrylate/silica core/shell Particles, composite polymer electrolyte in dye-sensitized solar cells for multi-walled carbon nanotubes role, a simulation study using polymer electrolyte membranes as media for culturing fractals and graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate to natural rubber through microwave irradiation.

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