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In-Situ’s Aqua TROLL 400 Features EPA-Approved RDO Sensor

In-Situ, a provider of environmental and aquaculture monitoring systems, has announced that the EPA has approved its Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO) methods.

In-Situ Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Instrument

These methods are designed for measuring dissolved oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand, and carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand. The novel optical DO technology is suitable for environmental water monitoring.

The company has introduced a new long-term surface water and groundwater monitoring instrument for environmentalists. The Aqua TROLL 400 multiparameter instrument requires low maintenance, simple to integrate and provides accurate results. It consists of a strong conductivity sensor, a re-buildable pH/ORP sensor and a RDO sensor that has received EPA approval. It has also been patented. The instrument can be integrated to other systems using its open communication protocols.

RDO sensors are robust sensors and have the capability to withstand harsh environments. They can be deployed in a single step. Hydration is not required and these sensors do not demonstrate any drift over long periods. Optical sensors are not able to withstand harsh conditions and the RDO sensors demonstrate significant advantages over such optical sensors.

The RDO sensors are long-lasting than electrochemical sensors. They do not require maintenance procedures that take a long time to perform and this feature helps reduce the cost of ownership.

Many companies such as Rosemount Emerson and Thermo Fisher Scientific have entered into OEM partnerships with the company to utilize RDO technology for their field, process, and laboratory applications.


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