Flexpoint Expands its Business Plan with Bend Sensor Technology

Flexpoint Sensor Systems has unveiled additional specific features of its technology and also explained its overall business strategy.

Universal Sensor is ideal for several applications and also can be effectively used for occupancy detection applications. Universal Sensor is now a hot spot of Flexpoint's renewed sales effort. Flexpoint's proprietary Bend Sensor technology-based sensor is integrated in a soft enclosure and placed underneath the seat’s cushion, through which clients can have access to crucial occupancy data for analytics, security and fraud prevention.

In addition to its association with executives in the theater, bus, taxi, and elderly care industries, Flexpoint is now working with industry partners to achieve a full turnkey solution that will support tracking occupancy data on a PC or smartphone. This solution is expected to be available by 2013.

Flexpoint intends focusing on establishing additional applications. The company is looking for partnerships with industry executives in sensing technology as well as with representative sales experts. These relationships will further be negotiated during the Q4 of 2012.

Bend Sensor technology’s unique features support its incorporation within the product lines of industry sales professionals and well-established technology companies. As a result, the company can have rapid expansion of markets as well as distribution of its products.

The features of Bend Sensor include size efficiency with only 0.005" thickness and 90% smaller than traditional, standard sensors, and capable of remaining stable at temperatures of up to 200° C, with resistance to rugged conditions and harsh chemicals and fluids. Its high cost-efficiency supports varied applications and has been validated over 30 million cycles without failure. The underlying technology has been verified over 17+ years of development and effective for a wide range of commercial applications. It is highly precise wherein one inch deflection generates up to 200,000 data points. Bend Sensor is ideal for using in prosthetics, impact sensing, biometrics, and medical technology.

Source: http://www.flexpoint.com/

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