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eMedonline Telemonitoring System May Help Reduce Rehospitalization

Nyack Hospital has initiated a new clinical study to assess medication adherence in patients who are discharged from hospitals. The study will use a new technique to help improve medication adherence among congestive heart failure (CHF) patients.

The trial will utilize Leap of Faith Technologies’ eMedonline telemonitoring device to aid patients’ transition from the hospital setting to home environment.

Under an agreement with the National Cancer Institute, Leap of Faith Technologies developed the eMedonline device. The National Institute on Aging provided funds to develop the device.

Nyack Hospital’s Director of Clinical Research, Nicholas Tsirkas, stated that over one-third of CHF patients are readmitted in the hospital within a month. He further informed that about 19.6% and 34% of Medicare beneficiaries discharged from a hospital are readmitted within one month and three months, respectively.

According to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, about three quarters of hospital readmissions can be prevented and billions of dollars can be saved annually. Studies indicate that over 50% of patients with serious heart conditions do not receive adequate treatment and the remaining 40-60% patients do not stick to the recommended treatment.

The eMedonline telemonitoring device has been specifically developed to optimize drug dosage and data collection. In a randomized trial of patients with cancer and chronic disease, the telemonitoring device showed improved self-efficacy with an adherence rate of 98%.

The telemonitoring device leverages the wireless facility of cellular phone and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology by converting a cellular phone into a medication sensor device. The cellular phone collects real-time data from an RFID inlay label on the medication package and transmits the same to a secure server where it can be reviewed. This technique ensures patients’ adherence to medications and simultaneously checks their reported outcomes. In case of any major events, the eMedonline immediately triggers an alarm signal that may help prevent any adverse outcomes.  


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