ATS Principal to Moderate on Data Acquisitions Symposium at Sensors Expo

Automated Software Technology’s (AST) principal and owner Dan Shangraw, P.E. will perform the role of a moderator at the Data Acquisition Systems symposium on June 7, 2010, at the Sensors Expo.

This seminar aims to provide an insight on specifying and developing data acquisition systems to technicians, engineers and scientists. Shangraw feels most engineers do not properly understand what data acquisition is.

Data acquisition involves the measurement of physical or electrical phenomenon like sound, temperature, voltage, current, pressure, and current and subsequently analyzing the resulting data and is very vital in a world that is getting increasingly interconnected . Accurate data is important for designing an airplane or an automobile, ensuring proper functioning of a manufacturing process, or ensuring safety of drinking water.  Accurate and effective acquisition of data is crucial for a range of engineering and scientific initiatives.

The successful implementation of a data acquisition system demands an insight into related variables, type of sensors and the manner in which they are connected, signal condition need for each sensor type, data acquisition hardware types, selecting the right hardware, noise minimizing to enhance the quality of data acquired.

During the past several years, USB data acquisition has emerged as the top hardware of choice. It relates to the connection of dedicated acquisition hardware to a PC or laptop through a USB for the development of a data acquisition system. The National Instrument’s LabVIEW, software for data acquisition, has acquired a major share of the present software market for data acquisition. Most of the applications of data acquisition are currently being written in LabVIEW.  According to Shangraw, many end users and engineers are not familiar with LabVIEW, capabilities of LabVIEW and USB-enabled data acquisition hardware.

The seminar will focus on effects of data acquisition on measurements, signal conditioning technique for sensor signals, minimizing noise occurring in data acquisition systems, acquisition software, LabVIEW, sample data acquisition system, hardware basics, and types and  specifications of commonly used sensors.


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