Hothead and Sivix Adapt Sensor Monitoring Module for Heat Sensing

The Sivix key computing fob along with the related sensor tracking module will be adapted to the heat sensing safety solutions range of Hothead Technologies under a partnership agreement between Sivix Logistics LLC and Hothead Technologies, Inc.

The patent-pending heat observation technology (H.O.T.) System, on which these solutions are based, incorporates a heat sensing component in the helmet of a soldier, athlete, or fire-fighter. This component periodically gathers data on the skin temperature of the wearer of the helmet and transmits the same to a portable data collector. This portable gadget alerts an observer or individual whenever the body temperature exceeds a laid down threshold.

The gadget offered by Sivix incorporates very low power consuming micro sensor modules and a car remote-size mobile device. The sensor modules track the temperature without impeding the performance of the athlete.

The H.O.T. System formed the initial range of heat monitoring tools. It was developed to help groups and individuals to stay a step ahead or proactively counter the silent and dangerous attack caused by heat illness. The H.O.T. System was first utilized for football-related activities. Sivix is now ready to support sports, military, public safety like firefighters, industrial and other markets. The Popular Science Magazine’s ‘BEST OF WHAT’S NEW’ award for being among the top most innovations of 2009 was received by Sivix.

Sivix Logistics’ CEO Rob Ufford revealed that these systems include an increasing potential for wireless personal area networks (WPANS). WPANS can track and data log an entire physiological history pertaining to a training session. He added the WPANS will further increase the reach and range of the offerings from Hothead solutions.

Hothead Technologies’ CEO Jay Buckalew informed that the Sivix platform offers additional levels of mobility and use for his company’s customers. He added that Hothead can also address new markets like high school sport teams economically.

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