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New Liquid Level Sensor for Temperature and Hydrostatic Level Measurement

American Sensor Technologies (AST) has launched the AST45PT liquid level sensor that is ideal for measuring hydrostatic level and temperature.

The AST45PT offers two independent 4-20 mA output signals separately for a temperature signal and a level signal. This single instrument installation will ensure users with both cost- and time- conservation. Submersible cable is an expensive option for meeting deeper level requirements, while a single measurement point serves as a cost-effective solution.

Besides being affordable, AST45PT has been packed with significant and convenient features. The measurement ranges of AST45PT start from 1 PSI (27.68” water column) to 100 PSI (230.67’ water column), and therefore can be effectively used for a broad range of applications. AST provides eight cable length options and five temperature ranges for simple yet efficient integration.

A removable nose cone is available for each AST45PT. When installed on the sensor, the sensing element will be safe during submersion. Additionally, users can remove it to reach the ¼-in NPT male pressure port. The AST45PT will be the best solution of choice for customers who wish to take pressure measurement externally from a tank in situations like a flood prone area. In addition, the sensor is also designed with a ½-in NPT conduit fitting at the electrical connection. Conduit installation can be done over the cable for promoting rigidity in turbulent tanks or to provide safety from sharp objects.


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