Onset Conductivity Data Logger for Monitoring Aquifiers

Onset has recently announced the HOBO Conductivity Logger that is useful to monitor aquifers for the intrusion by salt water as well as agricultural and road runoffs.

HOBO Conductivity Logger

Key features of the logger include minimized measurement errors that are drift-related and simple maintenance.

The logger was designed using a non-contact sensor. The sensor renders the logger less prone to drift as compared to loggers that use electrode-based, non-contact sensors. The logger also facilitates easy cleaning of the sensor through open access. It also has a software-enabled drift compensation capability that uses calibration points obtained from beginning and end from each deployment.

The logger is easily maintainable, highly accurate, and drastically lowers the expenses related to the measurement of temperature and conductance in fresh water sources, streams, and lakes.

The HOBOware Pro is an intuitive, powerful software that aids users to easily analyze and graph conductivity data. It provides a range of features for the simplification of conductive monitoring projects. The software provides users with an option of methods for precise, easy conversion of conductivity data into specific conductance for many types of water. The software enables easy combination of data sets received from multiple loggers, and provides one-click-enabled data export to Microsoft Excel as well as to other programs.

The logger facilitates convenient offload of data through an optical USB interface to a PC, resulting in the offload of faster and reliable data in wet conditions. The optical design removes problems due to mechanical connectors that are failure prone. The logger is compatible with HOBO Waterproof of Onset, which enables reliable and easy data transport and retrieval.

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