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Onboard Strobe Technology Enabled Dome Cameras from Eclipse

Eclipse CCTV Inc. has introduced ECL-557 Series domes, the first range of cameras to provide onboard strobe technology in the industry.

Dome Cameras from Eclipse

Persons who enter a residence or building are reminded by these strobes that they are monitored and recorded, thereby acting as deterrents. A dip switch present on the domes provides installers an option to activate or deactivate the function of the strobe.

Eclipse has received favorable reviews from integrators and installers during its preliminary soft launch and market test. Many customers and end-users are impressed by the strobe technology.

During a case study and preliminary research, Eclipse had discovered that 92% of persons entering a building equipped with its strobe technology looked at the cameras directly. This helped the digital video recorders (DVRs) to get perfect records of faces of persons as they entered the building. Current ceiling-mounted cameras used in buildings are not capable of recording a clear facial image.

Smart IR Technology is also provided by the ECl-557 series domes. The technology enables the dome camera to change the strength of IR automatically with respect to distance. When the object comes closer the amount of IR used to remove white wash is automatically reduced by the smart IR technology, thereby producing a true color image.

Eclipse has also provided the strobe technology in its bullet camera form, as the ECL 599H and HT models. These models incorporate an in-built Sony CCD sensor, having a high 1/3-inch resolution, in a case that is water proof. Important features of these models include aperture correction and auto exposure. In addition, these models have a zinc alloy-based housing that is vandal resistant for defying attacks.

The ECL-599T/HT bullets, when integrated with Nubix RT DVRs, enable the activation of the strobe during emergencies. The strobes are turned off in their normal state. However, when motion is sensed, or the sensor or alarm is triggered, the strobes will commence flashing immediately to signal an alarm.


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