GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices from Rocky Mountain Tracking

Rocky Mountain Tracking’s Informer GPS vehicle tracking gadgets were installed in all vehicles of Katy, Texas-based Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating. Recently a truck thief from Katy, Texas, stole a Ford F150 truck belonging to Airtronics Air Conditioning and Heating. Aitronics’ employees then viewed their computer screens and by using the NaviIQ software of Rocky Mountain they could track down the stolen truck to a Houston, Texas-based gas station.

Airtronics employees used a car to follow the truck, with another Airtronics employee giving them precise instructions by using the NavilQ to track the truck. They located the truck when it was stationary and nabbed the truck thief.

According to Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking said that Airtronics had proactively adopted the GPS tracking technology. Borst clarified that GPS offers asset protection and also helps in maintaining consumer confidence.

Rocky Mountain Tracking, a leading GPS tracking firm, has sold more than 40,000 GPS tracking gadgets, emerging as among the GPS tracking industry’s most trusted names. To learn more about Rocky Mountain


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