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Agilent Thermocouple Power Sensor and Thermistor Power Meter

Agilent Technologies has recently introduced the N8488A AC-coupled power sensor and the N432A thermistor power meter, along with upgrades for its U2000 range of USB power sensors. This power meter is a replacement of the heritage 432A analog thermistor type of power meter, while the N8488A power sensor is an extension of the N8480 range. The U2000 power sensors now feature trace display and internal triggering capabilities.

Agilent N8488 AC coupled sensor with widest frequency range

The N8488A has 10 MHz to 67 GHz frequency range, the widest in the industry. It has less than 1% linearity, the best in class for the N8480 range and in-built EEPROM for more efficient and faster calibration.

The U2000 range of USB-enabled power sensors are portable and compact systems that permit average power measurements to be recorded without using power meters. Every sensor, except the U2004A version, features trace display and internal triggering capabilities. Internal triggering facilitates triggering depending on the burst signal envelope and obviates the requirement of an external triggering signal. Trace display offers the signal envelope’s graphical overview for assisting in setting up of the trigger level and gate placement. Existing U2000 sensors users will be able to freely upgrade their firmware.

Agilent Technologies will be highlighting its enhanced microwave and RF manufacturing, developing and research activities between May 25 to 27, 2010, during the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS)

Ee Huei Sin, General Manager and Vice President at Basic Instruments Division of Agilent Technologies, informed that this release confirms Agilent’s focus to enhance and increase power measurement systems for its customers. He added that Agilent ensures to offer the best possible experience for technicians and engineers for power measurement that is convenient, accurate, easy and fast.


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