RAE Systems' Closed-Loop Wireless System Now Supports MultiRAE Multi-Threat Monitors

RAE Systems, the leader in wireless gas and radiation detection solutions, today announced that its Closed-Loop Wireless System has been upgraded to support MultiRAE multi-threat monitors in addition to ToxiRAE Pro single-gas instruments.

RAE Systems' EchoView Host Mini-Controller

This upgrade expands the range of available detection tools and applications that RAE Systems' Closed-Loop Wireless System customers can leverage to benefit from safety-enhancing wireless monitoring. Applications include fireground and hazmat response, confined space entry, multi-gas leak detection, environmental remediation and refinery turnarounds.

The EchoView Host Mini-Controller provides safety officers and commanders real-time remote access to the readings and alarm status of workers' and responders' gas monitors. Safety officers who are outside the immediate incident area can have the same real-time situational awareness as those in the "hot zone." This can help facilitate faster, data-driven decision making to reduce incident response times and save lives. With the upgraded EchoView Host, emergency responders and safety officers at industrial facilities can combine any mix of ToxiRAE Pro or MultiRAE monitors into one EchoView Host-based Class I, Division 1 (Zone 0 or 1) intrinsically safe Closed-Loop Wireless System, totaling up to eight monitors.

"By adding our flagship MultiRAE family of multi-threat monitors to the Closed-Loop Wireless System, RAE Systems makes affordable wireless gas detection solutions available to more customers in a broader range of applications," stated Thomas Negre, Vice President of Products and Marketing for RAE Systems. "RAE Systems has been a driving force in advancing wireless detection technologies that elevate safety for more than a decade, and we remain committed to helping our customers protect lives and assets."

EchoView Host
The EchoView Host Mini-Controller for portable wireless gas monitors represents the foundation of RAE Systems' Closed-Loop Wireless Solutions that improve safety and enable faster incident response. This rugged handheld controller can establish a self-contained network with up to eight RAE Systems' ToxiRAE Pro or MultiRAE monitors, and display their gas-concentration readings and alarm status in real-time on an easy-to-read display.

RAE Systems' Mesh Routers can enhance the flexibility of the Closed-Loop Wireless Solution and extend the range between the EchoView Host and the gas monitors it supports from 330 feet (or 100 meters) up to 0.6 miles (or about 1 kilometer).

MultiRAE Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitors
MultiRAE portable multi-threat monitors combine best-in-class gas and radiation detection capabilities with wireless connectivity and Man Down Alarm to help elevate the safety of workers and responders, and reduce facility downtime.

The MultiRAE family of instruments, including the MultiRAE Pro multi-threat chemical and radiation detectors, MultiRAE six-gas monitors with advanced volatile organic compound (VOC) detection, and MultiRAE Lite pumped and diffusion personal protection and confined space entry instruments, can each be configured with more than 25 sensor options to exactly match the monitoring needs of a variety of applications. All MultiRAE monitors have been certified as intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1 (CSA) and Zone 1 (ATEX, IECEx) hazardous atmospheres. The MultiRAE and MultiRAE Pro are compliant with the military performance standard MIL-STD-810G.

The RAE Systems Closed-Loop Wireless System featuring the EchoView Host Mini-Controller upgraded to support MultiRAE monitors, Mesh Router range extenders, and ToxiRAE Pro and MultiRAE wireless monitors are available now worldwide. The solutions operate on ISM license-free bands (868MHz and 9xxMHz bands).

The upgraded EchoView Host (and Mesh Routers) will be offered under new part numbers; the old part numbers are discontinued effective immediately. Please contact your RAE Systems distributor for part numbers and pricing.

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