Video on Analog Signal Processing for Sensors in Motor Control

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) and Avnet, Inc.’s Avnet Electronics Marketing operating group have launched a 10-part information-packed video series that encompasses unique design ideas by utilising motor control solutions and products.

These video parts, which are of less than ten minutes duration each, dwell on topics related to traditional development considerations, best design services, and product innovations. These informative videos use a microcontroller platform, the TMS320C2000, of TI and the motor portfolio of Portescap.

The Analog eLab video series has business development and engineering subject experts from Avnet, TI, and Portescap having discussions on design topics. Every video provides coverage on a particular motor topic such as analog signal processing for applications related to position and speed sensors, brushless versus brush motors, evaluation-board demonstration, and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) control techniques.

According to Alex Iuorio, the senior vice president of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas’ supplier business development, a short video clip has plenty of information and TI’s microcontroller library and Portescap’s motor portfolio has enabled the demonstration of best practices adopted for motor design methodology. Iuorio revealed that the 10-minute videos will help educate customers speed up their design cycle times and simultaneously bring down manufacturing costs.

Steve Parks, the vice president of Texas Instruments’ worldwide analog marketing, has informed that the newest range of Analog eLab videocasts will showcase innovative products and design techniques for the enhancement and simplification of motor systems. Parks has further elaborated that the combination of Avnet’s global presence, Portescap’s broad line of motors, and TI’s strong digital and analog portfolio provides fully targeted solutions to customers, backed by local support and global reach.


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