Symmetricom Network Managed GPS Generates Precise Frequency and Time Signals

The global leader in precise frequency and time technologies, Symmetricom, has recently introduced its new XL-GPS Time and Frequency Receiver. This cost-effective receiver forms a part of its very precise Model XLi frequency products portfolio.

The enhanced XLi synchronization and timing technology of Symmetricom forms the XL-GPS Frequency and Time Receiver’s core, which assures dependable performance and accuracy. The XL-GPS, with its in-built network interface, provides user-friendly and cost-effective solution for catering to a wide range of synchronization and time requirements.

Symmetricom XL-GPS

This multipurpose network managed GPS instrument is able to deliver precise frequency and time signals. These Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) referenced signals are very useful for test and measurement, power industry, central timing systems, test range timing and process automation.  They have been optimized for offering enhanced performance at lower cost. The XL-GPS is the XLi family’s first member that wholly complies with RoHS Directive of the European Union.

The XL-GPS has several benefits and capabilities that include RoHS 5/6 compliance, standard 10 MHz output¸ additional frequency outputs, multicode capability and time code input.

The RoHS 5/6 compliance permits total conformance to European Union’s and various emerging international environmental standards’ hazardous substance reduction needs at the standardized 10 MHz output by incorporating the widely requested frequency output, lowers the cost of the total solution, and preserves the flexibility to offer extra frequency outputs at the same time.

Additional frequency outputs are possibly through the 1, 5, 10 MHz/MPPS option module that delivers accuracy and stability to many applications that require pulse rate or sine wave frequency references like a communication system’s internal oscillator.

Multicode capability is through an optional module that offers flexibility by generating a broad time codes range for supporting almost every time code application. Time code input permits synchronization with current time code signal as backup reference to GPS or an alternative.

Symmetricom’s Product Marketing Manager Ron Holm, informed that the newly improved XL-GPS has enabled Symmetricom to continue triggering higher integration levels and offer support to the RoHS initiative, while maintaining the performance and flexibility of the company’s industry-best XLi portfolio of frequency and time GPS instruments.


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