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Vitronic Volume-Measuring Units for Interlink Express Distribution Center

Five Vitronic volume measuring units, VIPAC D2, are used in the Smethwick distribution centre of Interlink Express to enable operators optimize the vehicles’ transport space. This results in the ability to efficiently plan delivery routes and reduce CO2 emissions and costs to a minimum.

Interlink Express, DPD’s sister company and one of the leading UK’s leading parcel carriers, provides a portfolio of international and domestic services, and basically serves the SME sector. Interlink Express has more than 140 depots in the UK, as well as a Smethwick-based 15m pounds type of Sterling super hub that is used to process 27,000 parcels in one hour and has a fleet of more than 1,200 vehicles.

Vitronic 3D weld seam inspection system

At the 28-acre Smethwick site of Interlink Express, parcels are unloaded by the operators using telescopic boom conveyors. Items flow to any one of the five sorters, from where they are diverted to particular destination chutes that are delivery ready in the morning.

A VIPAC D2 system functions over every sorter running at 2.2 meters per second. There are two sensor heads in every unit, which radiate fan shaped laser beams. Parcels that travel below the heads are able to reflect the laser beams back to the sensors.

The time taken by laser beams for returning to the sensors and the beam displacement for creation three-dimensional images of parcels that travel through the system is measured by the VIPAC D2. It utilizes these images for determining the length, width, and height of a parcel before ascertaining its volume and the corresponding smallest enclosing box. The acquired data helps Interlink Express in optimizing the transit space in vehicles.

Every VIPAC D2 unit has been certified by the Sandwell trading standards office for delivering accurate volume data. This implies that Interlink Express can opt to automatically invoice people and authenticate customer-provided package information, resulting in huge cost savings.

VIPAC D2 has the ability to recognize defects like holes and dents, as well as packages that deviate from established criteria. This enables users to reroute defect parcels automatically off the line and call for recovery if required. Companies will be able to provide volume data for statistical databases for streamlining internal goods flow and tracking logistics processes. VIPAC D2 can also function as a standalone unit or with VIPAC that is an automated parcel recognition system of Vitronic.


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