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Security Innovation Becomes an Active Member of CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium

Security Innovation announced today that it is now an active member of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium (C2C-CC). The Consortium is an industrial driven, non-profit research and standardization initiative to harmonize the efforts of automotive manufacturers, equipment suppliers and IT experts to develop and implement secure vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communications throughout Europe.

By joining the C2C‐CC, Security Innovation further extends its involvement in the design, implementation, and testing of secure V2X communications. “Security and privacy are basic requirements to obtain the end user’s acceptance and trust in cooperative systems. We welcome Security Innovation into the Consortium as experts in the field”, says Søren Hess, General Manager of the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium. Security Innovation has been involved with the secure V2X communications projects in the US and Europe since 2006, chairing security working groups and bringing a wealth of expertise in privacy and system security to the governing bodies in both continents.

Security Innovation co-authored IEEE 1609.2 (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments - Security Services for Applications and Management Messages) and has been an active member of numerous vehicle security programs and organisations including ETSI, OmniAir, VIIC, VSCA, CAMP, and the US-EU Harmonization Task Group. The company's AeroLink software enables the secure communication of messages in both the US and EU V2X systems.

The objective of the C2C-CC is to prepare the implementation of systems for vehicles wirelessly communicating with one another as well as with traffic infrastructure, regardless of make or model. The C2C-CC is dedicated to increasing road traffic safety by means of cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems with secure V2X communications. These systems will reduce accidents and at the same time improve a consistent traffic flow and driving experience by informing the driver about current traffic conditions, for example current speed limits, road works blocking individual routes, and warning the driver in case he could be involved in a dangerous situation, for example if he approaches the end of a traffic jam or another kind of hazardous location. Automobiles will carry equipment that transmits data to other vehicles and roadside infrastructure within a given radius. This data will include for example the vehicle’s GPS coordinates, speed and direction of travel.

In addition to its participation in the creation of security and privacy standards, Security Innovation also works closely with key suppliers of Intelligent Transportation Systems including chip manufacturers, on-board equipment (OBE) manufacturers, infrastructure providers, and automobile manufacturers. As an active and influential practitioner in this field, the company has a deep understanding of the technical specifications and interoperability requirements necessary to deliver highly secure platforms for V2X solution providers.

“Security Innovation’s involvement in the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium will allow us to directly contribute key insight and knowledge about wireless communication security to the key stakeholders in the European ITS market. It will also allow us to keep a pulse on the issues and ensure our technology addresses the requirements and security concerns of the OEMs and automotive producers in both the United States and Europe,” said Dr. William Whyte, Chief Scientist, Security Innovation.

Security Innovation's AeroLink software is the most widely adopted software implementation of V2V secure communications in the Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Consortium (VIIC) Proof of Concept project and the US Safety Pilot Model Deployment; Aerolink also supports the European C2C-CC standard. Dr. Whyte co-created the IEEE 1609.2 protocol and is vice chair of the 1609 standards working group. He is also one of eight members of the EU/US Harmonisation Task Group.


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