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OMRON to Introduce New MEMS Absolute Pressure Sensor

OMRON Corporation will release an absolute pressure sensor1 capable of accurately detecting 50cm altitudinal variations on July 29th 2013.

By fully exploiting the latest MEMS technology, one of Omron's core competencies, the company has developed a subminiature absolute pressure meter that is among the world's most accurate and power efficient.

The sensor's high accuracy makes it well-suited for use in activity monitors2 for healthcare and wearable devices monitoring precise altitudinal variation. The sensor's power efficiency also makes it well-suited for use in battery-operated applications.

Through the integration of CMOS circuits and MEMS sensors, Omron has been able to create an absolute pressure sensor measuring only 3.8x3.8x0.92mm, making it suitable for installation in small mobile devices and other compact hardware.

Installing the pressure sensors in activity monitors will make it possible to calculate more accurate calories taking into account the altitudinal variation involved in one's daily activities and exercise such as climbing up and down stairs or hills, etc.

The sensor's power efficiency also makes it possible to extend battery life of equipments such as activity monitors.

Installing the pressure sensors in fitness devices, smart watches and elderly care equipments makes it possible to identify human actions such as stand up, sit down, lie down and drop down by precise measurement of the altitudinal variation.

Installing the sensors in navigation systems will make it possible to use indoor in addition to more accurate positioning by backing up GPS.

The sensors are also suited for weather monitoring equipments, smart phones and tablets in which pressure sensors are now in widespread use.

Omron will continue to contribute society with leading edge MEMS technology.

Omron will be exhibiting its new MEMS absolute pressure sensor at the nanomicro biz exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight from July 3 (Wed) to July 5 (Fri).

Please visit the following link for further product details

1 Absolute pressure sensors measure air pressure relative to a vacuum.
2 Activity monitors are pedometers that not only measure the number of steps taken when walking or running but also the intensity of bodily movement during other energy-burning activities such as housework.


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