bmcm Introduces Revised Version of Analog 2-Channel Backplane

Measurement specialist bmcm presents the AP2a, a revised version of his analog 2-channel backplane. Besides 5B measuring amplifiers, also output modules can be integrated now. Pluggable spring terminal blocks simplify the connection of sensors or other measurement signals.


Analog Backplane AP2a: Powerful Connection Technology by bmcm


Speaking of the so-called "measurement chain", a backplane represents the connecting element between measuring signal, signal conditioning, and data acquisition. It allows for easy connection of sensors and measuring amplifiers, and provides an optimally adjusted signal for the PC data acquisition system.

The backplanes of the AP series by longtime measurement manufacturer BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) are designed in 5B technology. This high-end industrial standard is ideal for professional applications. Due to the variety of available 5B modules, even the most specific measurement tasks can be realized individually and directly.

What makes the AP series so unique: The question of power supply has already been solved in the backplanes: A wide-range power supply for 5V or 9-40V is integrated. The power supply is simply attached at a 2-pin screw-type terminal.

The revised 2-channel version AP2a provides two slots for 5B measuring converters and other function modules. It features the full functional range of 5B technology, such as galvanic isolation of the channels to each other and to the DAQ and control system. Thus the whole system is optimally protected against high potentials and interferences.

In addition, using output modules for analog control is now possible with the AP2a. Analog outputs of the PC data acquisition system can be converted into electrically isolated current signals, for example, to be used for the control of machines.

Installing the modules is so easy (plug-in - screw tightly - ready) that a replacement is quickly done and the system can be adapted to a new measurement task at any time.

The connection of sensors or any other voltage or current signals has been made user-friendly: The signals are attached at two 7-pin pluggable terminal blocks with spring clamps included with the delivery.

Since not being fixed by screws but just by the spring-clamps of the terminal block, a sensor can easily be exchanged.

The connection of the measuring signal can be prepared separately e.g. in the laboratory. At the measuring point, the terminal block with the attached sensor only has to be plugged in the corresponding input connector of the AP2a.

Sensor supply is provided by the relevant 5B module.

Last but not least: The connection to the PC data acquisition system is realized by a 3-pin screw-type terminal connector.

BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) offers various universal 5B amplifiers and function modules to equip the AP2a.

An extended version AP8a featuring 8 channels is available for all needing more channels.

Ideal for fixed installations at test stands in tight space and still being highly flexible: Due to the extremely easy change of 5B modules and sensors on the AP2a, different measurement applications can be realized fast and noise-free measuring results are guaranteed.
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