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Report on ‘Biometrics: Theory, Methods, and Applications’ from Wiley

A new addition to Report and Markets’ offerings is the report titled ‘Biometrics: Theory, Methods, and Applications’ from John Wiley and Sons. The report provides in-depth information of advanced biometrics. .

This book fills a void in the existing literature by providing an in-depth treatise of the current enhancements and emerging theories, techniques and applications of biometric systems for multiple types of infrastructures.

A panel of experts has edited the book, which offers a comprehensive coverage of biometric signal recognition’s multi-linear discriminant analysis and biometric identity authentication methods based on neural networks, multimodal biometrics, and design of classifiers and multimodal biometrics for biometric fusion.  Facial aging and feature selection modeling for face recognition, statistical and geometric models for video-enabled face authentication, 3D face and near infrared recognition, recognition based on 3D hand geometry and fingerprints, ECG-based biometrics and iris recognition, online signature-enabled authentication,  identification based on gait, information theory techniques for biometrics, biologically motivated techniques and biometric encryption, biometrics based on event-related potentials and electroencephalography, and theory, techniques and applications of biometrics are other topics discussed in the book.

The report is based on a fundamental, powerful insight on theory and techniques and offers a base for solutions for various recent challenging and interesting biometrics problems. The report has highlighted emerging subjects like sensor interoperability, users oriented parameterization, quality biometrics data measurement, biometric individuality, and biometric cryptosystems.

All chapters include a summary, along with bibliography for further reading. It also provides access to a website that offers lots of information extending the content of the book as well as links to forums dealing with biometrics.

Key subjects in the report include an overview of current developments related to discriminant analysis in dimensionality reduction, elastic graph matching-based face verification, designing classifiers for fusion-enabled biometric verification, person-based selection of characteristic feature for face recognition, biologically motivated model to enable simultaneous recognition of expression and identity, an innovative hand geometry and unobtrusive face authentication solution, iris recognition, and many more.


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