DSIT Solutions Launches PointShield Diver Detection Sonar System

DSIT Solutions Ltd will unveil its latest portable Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) called the PointShield DDS at the Underwater Defense Technology (UDT) Conference in Germany and the Maritime Systems and Technology (MAST) Conference in Washington D.C. The DDS is expected to mitigate threats faced by water based facilities, such as canals and water intake channels, which are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

The PointShield DDS is a lighter version of DSIT’s AquaShield DDS and has been developed to ensure the protection of a variety of structures constructed on water, under water or close to the sea. Especially, the new PointShield DDS is expected to cater to the needs of naval customers.

Benny Sela, CEO of DSIT, said that the test results of the PointShield DDS have been excellent and stated that three units have already been sold before the official launch of the product in the market. Dan Ben, VP of sales and marketing, said that PointShield has a unique modular design that enables the system to be tweaked according to customers’ requirements.

Source: http://www.dsit.co.il/

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