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Analog Devices Introduces Two New Gyroscope Sensors

Analog Devices Inc (ADI) has added two new MEMS inertial sensors to its iSensor motion sensor line of products. The company’s iSensor gyro and inertial measurement units (IMU) provide calibration and stability control in robotics, navigation systems, and industrial instrumentation applications. These applications include factory robotics, camera stability, and GPS navigation.

The iSensor gyro and IMU are based on ADI’s integrated Micro Electro Mechanical System (iMEMS) inertial sensor technology. Both the sensors combine ADI’s highly acclaimed iSensor integration with a tactical grade gyroscope performance.

Bob Scannell, business development manager at iSensor, said that the tactical grade gyro performance available in the sensor would ensure easy GPS navigation. He added that the two sensors would achieve a high cost-performance ratio for industrial system designers who need to ensure high levels of gyroscope bias accuracy even in harsh environments.


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