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Lion Precision Introduce Clear Label Sensor For Tight Spaces

Clear label sensor technology can now fit into tight spaces for unique labeling applications. Clear labels have presented challenges to label application processes for years. Clear label sensors using capacitive technology solved the edge detection problem back in 1995, but some unique application and processing operations require clear label sensing in a space too small for typical capacitive clear label sensors. Lion Precision’s new LRD3120 Clear Label Sensor uses a small, remote sensing head that will fit in small spaces.

“We’ve had several requests to adapt our technology to fit in small spaces,” says Don Martin, Lion Precision’s president. “Optimizing solutions for customers is at the core of what we do, so we adapted our existing technology into a much smaller package.”

Packaging, printing, and labeling professionals will find a new solution for those unique applications that just don’t work with off-the-shelf products. The LRD3120 Clear Label Sensor remote sensing head is only 14 x 18 x 24 mm. The sensing head connects by a cable to the main sensor body which houses the electronics and provides for adjustment. M3 threaded holes on several surfaces of the remote sensing head provide a selection of mounting options. The electronics body can be mounted in a more accessible area where operators can more easily make any necessary adjustments.

Lion Precision designed the world’s first clear label sensor, the LRD2100 in 1995. The sensor started a small revolution in packaging machinery as the added expense of web eyemarks for photo-electric sensors was no longer required. The new capacitive technology performed equally well on standard paper labels, eliminating the need for traditional optical sensors entirely. The line has been expanded to include clear label sensors using ultrasonic technology.

Lion Precision started in 1958 as the first provider of capacitive displacement sensors to industry. The company has expanded its product offering to include eddy-current displacement sensors and some application specific sensors for the machine tool, packaging and PCB industries. The company is focused on assisting users in sensor implementation by providing technical knowledge resources, expert guidance and optimized systems including custom designs.


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