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Crescent Vector II OEM Board and GPS Compass Devices from Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS has introduced a new OEM board called the Crescent Vector II for reliable heading and positioning applications. In addition tot eh OEM board, the company also offers a variety of Crescent Vector II global positioning system (GPS) compass equipment, which includes the LV101 OEM board, the VS101 series and the V101 series.

The Crescent Vector II OEM board offers a number of new features such as enhanced accurate timing, improved accelerometer and lower phase noise and roll output, heave and pitch messages. The OEM board is specifically designed to provide accurate positioning and heading even at stable conditions. The OEM board is compact and consumes minimum power and is suitable for system integrators. These innovative features have been incorporated in the entire range of Crescent Vector II components.

The V101/V111 GPS compass is a smart antenna that combines two antennas and the Crescent Vector II to facilitate accurate guidance and easy installation.

The VS101/ VS111 GPS compass comprises two antennas and a receiver with display. It uses the Crescent Vector II and provides reliable accuracy at reduced cost. The VS101/ VS111 GPS compass is suitable for navigation and machine control applications.

The LV101 OEM board features an NMEA 2000 communication processor, two GPS antennas, the Crescent Vector II, a tilt sensor, a single axis gyro and a power supply. All these features are incorporated in a single board to enable easy integration.

Hemisphere GPS’ Vice President and General Manager, Phil Gabriel, informed that the new OEM board provides improved GPS solution for off-the-shelf and OEM integrators.


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