Combo Sensor Market Forecast to Reach $1.97B in 2018

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "6 and 9 Axis Sensors: Consumer Inertial Combos Report" report to their offering.

The combo sensor market is estimated to be $446M in 2013, growing to $1.97B in 2018. This represents 21% of the global inertial consumer market in 2013, and will grow to an impressive 66% by 2018. While smartphones and tablets are now driving volume increases and adoption of combos, the picture should be different in 2018. The next market wave should come from wearable electronics, where long-term market potential is huge. While combo sensors will take a significant portion of total market share, opportunities will remain for discrete sensors: from accelerometers used in basic activity trackers to gyroscopes for camera module stabilization.

The report provides a detailed understanding of the sensor fusion roadmap and how it will impact the MEMS industry:

  • New market opportunities: For instance, context awareness functionalities are on the roadmap of various players
  • New architectures: Sensor hubs as MCUs or low-power application processor core play an increasing role, while standardization initiatives are ongoing
  • Technical impact: Better inertial performance can be requested for some functions
  • Change in value repartition: Different types of companies are playing in the sensor fusion ecosystem. We see the first signs of consolidation as collaborations along the value chain are set up (Qualcomm with Cisco Systems, Aruba acquisition of Meridian, Apple acquisition of WiFiSLAM)

Objectives of the report

The objectives of the report are to provide:

  • A deep analysis on the impact for 6 and 9-axis combo solutions
  • A global overview of the market data for consumer inertial MEMS - Key market metrics & dynamics
  • Application focus on key existing markets, and those that are emerging and showing the most promise
  • A clear understanding of the inertial MEMS value chain, infrastructure & players for the consumer business
  • An in-depth analysis on the current technology and future developments for the 3 market leaders: STMicroelectronics, InvenSense and Bosch Sensortec
  • An analysis of sensor fusion developments, including indoor navigation and context awareness

Key features of the report

  • Description of applications for 6 and 9-axis inertial sensors
  • Market data and trends for accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, 6-axis IMU, 6-axis e-compass and 9-axis solutions
  • 2011-2018 market forecasts
  • 2012 market shares and 2013 evolution among players
  • Competitive analysis of STMicroelectronics, InvenSense, Bosch Sensortec and AKM
  • Sensor fusion roadmap


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