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IUS Technologies Develops Remote Smart Sensors for Energy Theft Protection

With recent estimates placing energy theft across the U.S. power grid at over $6B in losses per year, IUS Technologies has taken the initiative to create an affordable and accurate line of smart sensors to aid utilities in their battle against energy theft.

A subsidiary of the South Korean $1B Vitzro Group, IUS designed its newest sensors -- dubbed TD1000 and TD2000, from the ground up to empower utilities to remotely monitor power usage specific to energy theft.

These new sensors include both single and three phase monitoring, customizable KWh monitoring, unsolicited messaging and alerts, while retaining IUS’s standard of exceptional accuracy of up to 0.2%. Compact and economical, the TD1000 & TD2000 remote smart sensors are comprehensive tools for loss prevention to protect utilities and their consumers from significant negative financial impact.

“Working in tandem with utilities and truly hearing their pain points, we are proud to provide such a tactical and useful tool in the fight against energy theft.” says Sang Lee, CEO of IUS Technologies. “Not only will this sensor immediately impact current loss prevention strategies as an easy to implement tool, but it will heavily impact future financial returns with a massive savings in loss prevention year over year.”

Since its inception in 2010, IUS Technologies has introduced the U.S. utility industry to highly efficient and affordable technologies for distribution line monitoring. Constructed to be extraordinarily accurate and flexible, both the VS series of sensors and the newest TD sensors are changing the way utilities are addressing today’s concerns while preparing for the future smart grid. Forward looking utilities are implementing smart sensors to complement AMI/AMR systems in detecting fraud, unauthorized use, and inefficient energy distribution . The TD line of sensors provide power usage data that can be compared with AMI/AMR smart meter readings to pinpoint illegal or unauthorized power usage immediately and put the electric utilities back in control.

Utilizing accurate, real-time information from integrated devices is key to implementing a truly efficient smart grid. The TD1000 & 2000 remote smart sensors report True-RMS voltage and current values, frequency, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, THD/TDD values, and phasor measurements that aid in distribution automation, Volt/VAR optimization, and theft detection. This robust line of sensors is the newest addition to IUS Technologies catalog of cost-effective products that create truly smart, efficient, reliable, and safe power distribution. IUS Technologies products are proudly manufactured in Alpharetta, Georgia.


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