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LIOS Fibre Optic DTS Systems for Monitoring KC-1 Cargo Containment in LNG Ships

A closed mock up tank (CMT) with dimensions of 12/14m length and width, 7m height and 250m3 volumes was constructed to validate the KC-1 membrane system for ships.

The CMT is connected to pilot LNG (liquid nitrogen gas) plant’s Distributed control system (DCS) to be regulated by remote control operations. Strain gauges have been fused with fibre optical sensors in stress analysis systems to conduct cryogenic experiments.

CMT’s cryogenic experiments were effectively administered by replicating charge and discharge operations on LNG, 5 times. These tests were carried out to confirm the steadfastness of the KC-1 membrane during the testing period; to upgrade the membrane’s quality control operations along with LNG’s carrier reliability; and assess the usage of the automatic welding machine on KC-1; also for improvement of the design, fabrication material and inspection processes required for the LNG carrier.

Prior to commencing operations, a test to pre-cool down the temperature of the membrane to bring it to the required LNG temperature level (-162°c) was carried out by showering it with liquid nitrogen. To monitor the CMT, RTD sensors were deployed at many locations of the CMT. To analyze the KC-1 membrane’s temperature distribution, Lios fibre optic temperature measurements have been used. The Lios fibre coils around the cone anchor fixed in the hull region and aids in measuring heat for every 50cm interlude. Two other fibre optic cables were also introduced into the insulation. Thus the LIOS DTS and the sensor cable together form a dependable real-time measuring device to be used for validating the KC-1 cargo containment operations for LNG vessels.

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