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Trolex’s TX5920 Vortex Air Flow Sensors Provide Safety in Extreme Conditions

Trolex’s TX5920 Vortex Air Flow sensors along with STX3241 and STX3261 toxic and flammable gas detectors have been utilized to regulate the carbon monoxide, methane and air flow in Norway’s Svea Nord mine. The sensor is protected by a strong and molded framework, which repels dust and moisture and acts as per EMC protection and IP65 standards, and enables it to withstand the harsh and extreme conditions inside the mine.

ATEX M1 approval has been granted to these sensors, which is a legal requisite to distinguish machines that continue to work under possibly volatile surroundings.

Store Norske’s Electrical engineer, Tor-Arne Iversen confirmed that, the Trolex sensors have been used from the advent of the mine in 2000, as well as in Sandvik and JOY machines. He also stated that the Trolex equipment, and the service provided by Trolex were excellent.

To monitor gases, such as methane and propane which are combustible, the STX3261 flammable, pre-calibrated water and dust proof detector uses a poison repelling catalytic combustion sensor. The high mass of the sensing element inside, guarantees a long lifetime (5 years,) and great stability even in a state of high pulsation. The sensor can be serviced easily or alternated when its operating life is at an end. In cases where there is a space shortage or limited access, then it can be fixed on remote, mounted gas sensing modules.

The STX3241 toxic gas detector is an easy to install, and maintain sensor, used mainly to give protection from deadly gases such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, in tough and hardy mining operations. This sensor consists of electrochemical cell gas sensing elements and is highly suitable and has secure zero and span calibration along with a range of output signals such as 0.4–2V or 4–20mA.


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