Cubic Transportation Systems Enters Into Strategic Alliance with SenSen Networks

Cubic Transportation Systems, a leading integrator of information technology and payment systems and services for intelligent travel solutions, has entered into a strategic alliance and license agreement with SenSen Networks, a Melbourne, Australia-based company with international reach in the video analytics market.

This alliance partnership gives Cubic the ability to distribute SenSen's products and solutions that align with Cubic's NextCity vision and create new solutions for smart cities and international transportation systems globally.

"The agreement with SenSen is a good strategic fit for our NextCity vision, which will enable transport operators to regulate demand and provide travelers with choices for travel – all through the delivery of actionable data that we gather from all our information points throughout our ITS systems," said Matt Cole, executive vice president, strategy, business development and diversification for Cubic Transportation Systems. "Advanced video analytics allows our customers to cost-effectively gain deep insights of transportation infrastructure improving decision making, safety and long-term planning."

Cubic has identified in SenSen Networks, a company with a proven track-record in applying video analytics, a broad set of applications relevant to Cubic's customers.

The companies plan to deliver the following solutions to the market:

  • Automatic gate line monitoring in train stations and transport hubs using video analytics and intelligent video to increase commuter flow, detect health and safety issues, and minimize fare evasion
  • Speed, safety and toll enforcement solutions for road authorities
  • Parking guidance and enforcement for city councils
  • People and vehicle traffic counting and classification for a variety of applications
  • Intelligent security for stations, rail infrastructure, airports and other critical infrastructure

SenSen's analytics solution is designed and developed around a versatile, future-proofed platform capable of processing large volumes of unstructured video and other sensory data constantly streamed in real-time. The resulting insights are made available to business applications via industry-standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Customer and market-focused business solution providers interact with these APIs to access the video analytics-generated data and deliver customer-specific business solutions.

"SenSen operates at the cusp of big data, sensor networks and business intelligence. Our core skill is in analyzing big data streams in real time, recognizing all interesting events and creating accurate and structured metadata that lead to high-value applications," said Subhash Challa, chief executive officer of SenSen Networks.

SenSen's intelligent analytics platform delivers business value across multiple market segments. Customers use it to uncover hidden value from data in motion as well as data at rest; reveal new insights and discover new patterns; monitor and analyze complex data sets; and make sure meaningful information gets to decision makers who need it.

"We've found ways to automate old ways of doing business, allowing staff to move onto higher-value tasks. Clients increase revenue, cut costs and meet compliance and health and safety requirements," Challa said.


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