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GlobeRanger to Supply RFID Applications for Project with M2M Spectrum Networks and Val Verde County

Following the recent launch of an exciting new pilot project between M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC and the Val Verde County, Texas Sheriff's Office to electronically track Sheriff's Office vehicles, officers and assets, M2M Spectrum Networks announced today that GlobeRanger will be the radio-frequency identification, or RFID, applications supplier for the project.

GlobeRanger, a wholly-owned Fujitsu company, will use its "iMotion" applications platform for the trial, which will initially demonstrate leading-edge asset tracking solutions for the county. The iMotion platform provides a software infrastructure that connects the physical world of automated data collection with enterprise software systems.

"This announcement is another significant milestone in M2M Spectrum Networks' mission to provide the first licensed, dedicated M2M network in the U.S., and to deliver the applications and network reliability, scalability, and flexibility at a cost that the industry's customers require," M2M Spectrum Networks' CEO Barclay Knapp said. "We are doubly pleased to be working with GlobeRanger, who we have been working with since our inception, and who are leaders in the important RFID platform segments."

GlobeRanger powers some of the largest RFID deployments in the world, including the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency and Flora Holland. Their iMotion platform has been the foundation for several deployments in supply chain operations, logistics, perishables tracking and healthcare.

"We can't wait to get started on this exciting project with M2M Spectrum Networks and Val Verde County," GlobeRanger's CEO George Brody said. "Our leading-edge RFID and sensor-based solutions combined with M2M Spectrum Network's best-in-class data transmission backbone will deliver a program that will ensure that Sheriff's Office assets don't fall into the wrong hands. I am confident that this project will set the standard for law enforcement asset tracking."

The pilot, which was recently approved by county commissioners, is slated to last at least 18 months and will be conducted at no cost to the county.

About M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC

M2M SN, through its hardware and software vendors, is developing a wide-area, ubiquitous coverage, data radio system based on licensed spectrum and proprietary technology, purpose-built and dedicated solely to M2M applications for the long-term. M2M Spectrum Networks has office locations in Phoenix, Arizona, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, please visit

About GlobeRanger, A Fujitsu Company

GlobeRanger is a leading global provider of end-to-end enterprise edge solutions and professional services to support RFID, mobility, and sensor-based solutions. Its innovative Edgeware™ platform, iMotion™, provides the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of the enterprise, enabling real-time visibility and response. iMotion serves as the foundation for GlobeRanger and its partners to rapidly develop, deploy and manage edge solutions. Founded in 1999, GlobeRanger is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. For more information, visit


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