EPC Solutions Taiwan Develops DCIM Solution with Fully Passive RFID Tags and Sensors

EPC Solutions Taiwan is using Farsens’s battery-free RFID sensor tags to provide on demand information about asset temperature, humidity and pressure in data centers.

Rack of servers tagged with RFID tags and a temperature+pressure sensor tag

Taiwanese EPC Solutions Taiwan, Inc. has developed a new DCIM solution with fully passive RFID tags and sensors. EPC was already offering a DCIM solution based on RFID tags that provided inventory control and process automation via the unique ID associated to RFID tags. Now EPC has included RFID sensor tags that do not require batteries to monitor temperature, pressure and humidity of equipment remotely.

‘This system aims to establish a set of real-time control parameters to remotely change room equipment environment’ says Edward Sung, VP at EPC. When the system detects abnormal parameters, it will immediately start the backup facility and send alert notification messages and records related to maintenance and operation personnel or any other related processing units.

Processing needs and power-hungry equipment have made the power bill one of the primary costs of running a data center. The increased OpEx can easily exceed the hardware cost of the server during its operational lifespan which is why tools such as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or thermal monitoring systems are so important to control data center costs and improve efficiency.

With an estimation of a 1% energy saving for each degree the AC temperature is raised, being able to control temperature in real time has a very significant impact in the energy budget.

EPC is using Farsens’s battery-free RFID sensor tags for their system implementation. ‘We were able to easily integrate Farsens’s RFID sensors in our systems without having to implement custom software or proprietary hardware, which allows us to leverage the existing infrastructure’ claims Edward.

The DCIM solution is an intelligent battery-free RFID system composed of a patented flexible antenna and passive metal tags. The system provides not only assets inventory status and location, but also temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring of the environment on a real time basis for the data center. ‘These RFID systems enhance reliability and effectiveness of critical IT systems, increase the operational efficiency and achieve significant milestones in Green IT initiatives’, Edward says.

EPC Solutions Taiwan Inc, established Hsinchu Science Based Park, is among the world's leading integrated solution providers of customized, high performance, Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID). EPC's expertise in Ultra High Frequency (UHF) is aimed at economically linking pertinent objects in a tangible process together for efficient and effective identification, location and authentication of product integrity through RFID implementation.

Farsens designs and manufactures full passive RFID sensor solutions. Their proprietary UHF RFID IC allows Farsens to develop long range solutions for asset tracking – via the unique ID – and monitoring – via the attached sensor – without the need of any battery on the tag.

Company: EPC Solutions Taiwan, Inc.
Country: Taiwan (TW)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +886 3 5786361 Ext. 301
URL: http://www.epcsolutionsinc.com.tw/

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