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Rotary Position Sensing Devices from Macro Sensors

Rotary position sensing devices from Macro Sensors are DC activated and measure angular displacement of rotating shafts in the range of 120º.

Various shaft movement by fractional-turns and the position of flue dampers, dancer arm tensioners, weir gates and quarter-turn valves are measured accurately by this sensors. It is used to sense the position of pedal, actuator or throttle-lever in marine, aircraft, agricultural and construction vehicles.

This unique sensor of the RSE 1500 Series operates in 0° to 30°, 60°, 90°, or 120° ranges. Touch free inductive technology of this sensor provides high recurrence and great accuracy with extra ordinary service. It shows a linear error less than 0.10%, upon working with temperatures from -20ºC to 85ºC.

The electronics of this particular system is designed to provide a DC input/output configuration. With the power supply of 24V DC, this unit gives 0-to-10V DC output. The discrete output in this sensor makes it dominant over other optical encoders which fail to provide information on position during power loss.

The units are fortified in an anodized aluminum shell with a diameter of 1to 1/2 inches and the shaft, made of stainless steel with 0.250 inch encloses the ball bearings enabling longer life span. The aluminum-mount projection has a 0.750” diameter center pilot, for locating centrally in a fixture. Units are also environmentally sealed to IEC IP-66.


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