RoboVault Installs Wireless Environmental Sensors to Maintain Temperature

RoboVault, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based storage facility, has installed environmental sensors to monitor the climate at its self-storage facility.

Situated at 30 feet above sea level, this facility is a warehouse that stores precious items such as historic documents, rare paintings, vintage wine, antiques, sports memorabilia, forensic evidence, and exotic vehicles. With no elevators or staircases, human access is restricted and an automated robotic crane is deployed to shift the articles stored.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL-based RoboVault uses wireless HOBO data nodes from Onset to track environmental conditions in their robotic storage facility.

The climate-sensitive merchandise warrants careful temperature and humidity monitoring. Manual temperature monitoring in the hurricane-proof storage area would impede the robot’s automated tasks, resulting in a shut off, to ensure safety. RoboVault ended this disruption with the installation of wireless sensors made by Onset Computer.

The HOBO ZW Series allows for real-time interior monitoring through a network of data nodes that transmit climate information at regular intervals to a remote computer. A single network can accommodate up to 100 data nodes, facilitating multi-point monitoring.

The entire 155,000 square foot storage area is fitted with data nodes for special module environment monitoring to suit the storage of vehicles, wine, and safe deposit boxes. The data logger maintains a temperature of 72° F and 50% humidity. The wine storage units are maintained at 55° F and humidity levels between 68 and 70%.

HOBOnod Manager software allows for data viewing as well as plotting, which facilitates analysis on the changes in the climate trends. RoboVault has configured, alarm settings with the data nodes that alert employees in the event of fluctuations beyond the prescribed levels.

RoboVault’s storage facility protects the goods from theft as well as Category 5 hurricanes. Onset data nodes are RoboVault’s latest high tech addition to the facility, which is a one-of-a-kind structure for safe storage of valuable goods.


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