WISE Sensor Technology to Facilitate Water Markets

Electronic Control Security (ECSI), a supplier of entry control and border security systems, declared that it has arrived at an important agreement with JMAR, the inventor of laser-oriented product solutions for microbiological inspection of organisms in water.

JMAR is globally established, with corporate and government clients extending from municipal water providers to bottling plants. The Water Infrastructure Sensing Equipment (WISE) Remote Data Processing Unit of ECSI enables communication, on-site analysis and management of information. The ECSI collaborated with JMAR will utilize the WISE sensor technology globally, to warrant security to the Government water sector and the private water division

Arthur Barchenko, the President of ECSI, commented that their association with JMAR has enhanced the quality of the technology of ECSI and JMAR and the joint venture will result in generating a multi-sensor system for progression in security and water process control markets.

Source: http://www.ecsiinternational.com

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