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HSPS System Introduced by Bosch

Bosch Security Systems have disclosed their latest product, the HSPS (High-Speed Positioning System) to be used for detecting expeditious objects, by using high-resolution optics. This system merges a high-speed and accurate PTZ frame-work with a Dinion 2X day/night cameras made by Bosch. An added feature is a couple of 3D Diffuser Infrared illuminators also made by Bosch.

This system offers speeds up to 100° per second and 130° of tilt up to 40° per second at a constant rotation of 360°. A smooth and focused video is obtained by the use of automatic lens scaling that synchronizes zoom and speed features. Autopan and preset tour attributes eliminate the need for manual steps in important situations, and offer precision standards up to 0.02°, thereby helping users to bring up very important images very quickly and accurately.

Bosch High-Speed Positioning System

The Dinion cameras include dual exposure sensors and 2 X-Dynamic technologies to explore images, and produce a clear detailed picture of scenes with challenging lighting. The Sens-Up feature vigorously adjusts to the lighting patterns and heightens performance at night, while the Auto Black produces images of great clarity in both low and high contrasting scenes.

This system uses UFLED Infrared Illuminators up to a height of 1,010 feet, to provide a steady lighting performance, by overcoming LED degradations, without using rotating cables. The illuminators supply evenly-lit images in both the front and backdrop surroundings of the scene

This high-tech product can be used for 24/7 monitoring of locations where rapid activity takes place, such as government locations, borders and city centers. It is packed in an IP 66-rated casing with a sunshield and a wiper, offering a clear view, independent of weather conditions, a necessary attribute when being used in outdoor and industrial places.

Consumers can use this system along with the Allegiant Video Control System and Bosch DiBos and Divar Digital Video Recorders, and also merge with IP video products made by. Bosch. This series also goes well with the innovative Bilinx technology, which allows two-way communication over video cable, to control more easily camera settings and other functions, and Bosch’s Biphase control protocol.


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