Methodist Healthcare Opts for Tele Tracking Technologies

The Methodist Healthcare System, San Antonio, TX, the leading private healthcare system, has opted for Radar Find real-time locating system (RTLS) of the TeleTracking Technologies for monitoring patients and their properties.

The Methodist Healthcare Ministries and the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), mutually handle the Methodist Healthcare System. Mr. Edward Cuellar, Chief Information Officer, Methodist announced that RadarFind real-time will be enforced in 5 of the Methodist’s Healthcare systems for controlling infections, reporting framework condition  during crucial periods and for monitoring patients.

The RLTS presents precise function and extensive monitoring, in addition to enhanced efficiency, security and strategy for investment use, he added.

The RTLS works by a original sensor system and uses the radio wave frequency, wirelessly, which helps in the precise monitoring of the patients and their assets without interfering with the Wi-Fi network of the hospital. Around 15,000 of the 5 Methodist hospital’s resources will be traced using this technology.

The system can be easily installed while the patients are occupying the room and monitored and it corresponds to the data displaying the status so as to provide immediate care. It also monitors the temperature data in freezers and clinical refrigerators.

According to Mr. Mike Nelson, the President of RadarFind, the RadarFind can detect the area, surroundings and positions as well.


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