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MILANO SALONE 2015: JIN to Highlight JINS MEME Sensing Eyewear

JIN Co.,Ltd. (HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Hitoshi Tanaka, President) will be showcasing a digital installation driven by JINS MEME, the sensing technology of eyewear at MILANO SALONE, the world’s leading Design Expo held from April 14 – 19 in Milan, Italy.

Magnify - based on JINS brand vision "Magnify Life", enabling to see thing in larger and broader scale through lenses. (Photo: Business Wire)

JINS MEME is the world’s first sensing eyewear developed under the concept of “seeing yourself”. While maintaining the shape of standard eyewear, it has 3-point electrooculography sensors (patented) and six-axis (accelerometer and gyroscope) sensors to capture the slightest change in a user’s eye movement and body axis. Based on the data detected from the sensors, users will be able to view unique biodata (DEEP DATA) such as sleepiness and attention on their smartphone. In April 2015, JIN has been providing an open development platform for all application developers with the release of the API. JINS MEME also showcased the product at the 2015 International CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow where the tech outlet Digital Trends awarded JINS MEME with the "Top Tech of CES Awards" in the Wearables category.

MIND UNIVERSE, the digital installation utilizing JINS MEME’s unique data called “Focus”, was designed and developed by Taku Satoh, Rhizomatiks and EVALA, leaders of Japanese creation and design today. The installation was designed with a mind of ultimate peace, inviting the audience to a world of Zen. As one may say “the eyes speak louder than words”, JINS MEME will visualize the audience’s inner state of mind into special motion graphics based on the vast amount of data captured. Within the white space where there are no unnecessary objects, the audience will experience and see his/her state of concentration changing and transformed every second into water flows illustrated by minimal 3D wireframes. The installation will reveal each audience’s inner universe (MIND UNIVERSE) by magnifying* their five senses. “We chose to express the installation with 3D wireframes which is the most basic element to be used in the digital design. We believe it represents the flows of the water, which is the fundamental element creating the earth, and allows audience to focus and see oneself,” says Taku Satoh, Creative Director of MIND UNIVERSE.

History of eye glasses date back to the 13th Century in Italy, and it has developed to the quality and role we all see today around the world. JINS MEME, a new generation of eye glasses developed with the latest technology from Japan, makes its debut in Italy, the origin of eye glasses.

* Magnify - based on JINS brand vision “Magnify Life”, enabling to see thing in larger and broader scale through lenses.

MIND UNIVERSE: How to experience

Audience will sit on a chair located in the middle of the cube, and wear JINS MEME. After 1 min of calibration, user will experience the demonstration for 2 minutes.

Audience is advised to calm oneself as if he/she was meditating. The monitor will show the audience’s inner state of mind with graphics and sound based on the data detected from JINS MEME.

After the demonstration, the audience will review the result of one’s status of FOCUS, ENERGY and CALMNESS which were detected during the demonstration.


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