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New Report on Biometrics for Mobile Devices

The integration of biometric capabilities in smartphones and tablets is rapidly becoming more common for personal identification and authentication applications. A variety of biometric modalities will be utilized in mobile devices in the years ahead, including voice recognition, facial recognition, iris recognition, and eye white recognition. However, according to a recent report from Tractica, by far the most prevalent modality will be fingerprint recognition using onboard fingerprint readers.

The market intelligence firm forecasts that shipments of onboard fingerprint readers in mobile devices will surpass 1 billion units annually by 2021, representing 34% of all smartphone and tablet shipments worldwide in that year. In some regions, the attach rates will be significantly higher – in North America, for example, which Tractica forecasts will be the leading region for fingerprint reader adoption, 51% of all mobile devices will include such sensors by 2021.

“Currently, the use cases for mobile fingerprint readers center on basic authentication for local device access and on-device purchase transactions,” says principal analyst Bob Lockhart. “As penetration rates increase in the future, however, the market will expand to include a variety of additional identification and authentication use cases for banking and financial transactions, government identification, and healthcare applications, among others.”

Tractica’s report, “Biometrics for Mobile Devices”, examines the market trends and technology issues surrounding biometrics for mobile devices. Biometric modalities and applications are analyzed in depth, and the report also includes detailed profiles of 25 key industry players. Market forecasts, which cover the period from 2015 through 2024, include mobile biometric hardware unit shipments, device pricing and revenue, software application licenses, application pricing, and application revenue. An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the firm’s website.

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