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NEWPORT’s Wireless Sensor System Performs Wide Variety of Functions

The novel NEWPORT® , which operates wirelessly, furnishes web oriented measurement of temperature, barometric pressure and humidity, to be used in vital refrigeration and HVAC applications.

NEWPORT® zSeries sensor system

This concise wireless wall mounted End Devices, which functions using 2 AA alkaline batteries with 1.5 V, can be fixed anywhere in laboratories, computer server rooms, warehouses, museums and any other remote place. The sensors can transmit data to a maximum of about 300 feet devoid of interferences or obstructions, to a coordinator which is directly connected to the Internet and an Ethernet network. The sensor system meets IEEE 802.15.4 standard and functions at 2.4 GHz frequency.

The NEWPORT system helps in calibrating and logging the temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity, by means of the Internet or Ethernet network without using any additional software.

NEWPORT supplies easily installable OPC software for installation into the sensor with many standard Automation programs and Data Acquisition by Wonderware, iConics, Omega, Intellution, National Instruments and Rockwell Automation etc.

The precise industrial instrumentation products by NEWPORT are manufactured and fabricated in Santa Ana, California.


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