Gas Detection Solutions for Swimming Pool Safety

Is a swimming pool a safe place? With the press reporting several Chlorine-related incidents, this can be a real problem for swimmers as well as pool operators. In August, a malfunction with a machine led to the leakage of chlorine into the pool while the pool was being used; fortunately, no one was hurt. Likewise, in Marlow, a leisure center was also forced to shut down because of a chlorine gas leak, forcing it to close completely for a weekend.

Is Gas Detection Needed for Swimming Pools?

When a pool is operated, how does one take steps to genuinely make sure that swimmers are safeguarded from Chlorine hazards? Although fitting gas detectors seems to be a logical choice, with many choices, selecting the wrong system can become expensive in a short period of time. Installation costs can usually be a lot more than the initial equipment costs. Chorine can be a challenging “on site” calibration; therefore, maintenance costs can quickly increase.

IGD’s Cost-Effective Solution for Gas Safety

IGD’s TOC-625 Micro gas detection system is progressively becoming the first choice for applications of this kind. Without any hidden extras, TOC-625 Micro is the perfect small system for an entire range of applications.

Operators can use their own maintenance staff to install the system by using the plug and play version of the system. IGD can offer backup support to guarantee detectors are positioned in the most effective locations. Detectors are delivered pre-calibrated and will operate as per specification once they are powered up. IGD’s Sentinel® communications protocol guarantees that devices remain correctly connected and operate within limits. Thanks to the plug and play detectors, there are no wiring errors.

TOC-625 Micro system

On power-up, the TOC-625 Micro system asks the user whether they are ready to self-discover connected devices. Then, the system auto-detects all devices connected to the controller and sets alarm levels and channel displays automatically. This enables plant operators to deliver an “on budget” safety system without any compromises.

For continuous maintenance, the system should be calibrated at least once every year. It is possible to calibrate chlorine detectors by exchange instead of requiring costly site visits. The settings are saved on the detector heads; hence, one can easily swap the front of the detector for service and replace it with a new sensor from IGD with their exchange deal. This is a simple and cost-effective solution for a difficult problem.

Lastly, with IGD’s Sentinel® protocol, the system performance is continuously monitored. With the new innovative SensorCheck Technology, every second, the system checks whether sensor voltage, reliable communication, zero drift, and temperature drift are within acceptable limits. In contrast to many systems on the market that give warning up to 6 hours later, TOC-625 Micro system reports every event to the panel immediately with a clear message on the panel display.


IGD offers a range of systems that can be easily customized to the user’s application.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by International Gas Detectors Ltd.

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