What is a Rolling Mill?


The Rolling Mill is one of the processes within a Steel Mill, and is the section of the mill where thick slabs of steel are compressed with large rolls into a thinner dimension. The metal’s thickness quality is dependent on the performance of the position feedback. In addition, it also depends on the reliability of the sensor to perform flawlessly.

rolling mill


Fortified with the protection of the 950MD Mill-Duty Housing, the 953 VMax LDT is ideally suited for the above mentioned hot, wet, and high shock applications. In effect, the 953 VMax LDT facilitates the distance between the two rolls and reports positional data back to the host control, allowing for resolutions up to 1 micron.


  • Survivability of robust applications, ensured by high shock and vibration ratings
  • IP68
  • Programmable zero and span
  • Diagnostic LED
  • A variety of outputs are available – analog, digital or SSI outputs


Gemco controls are perfect for these environments and can provide years of flawless positional feedback in a variety of applications. What’s more, Gemco is the only LDT manufacturer that offers a protective stainless steel mill duty housing to ensure the LDT survives in this hostile application.

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