What is Shut Height?

The shut height value needs to be altered with most die changes. Rapid, efficient changes of this shut height will reduce downtime between jobs. For each press, the distance that the ram travels is fixed or specified. The ‘daylight’, or open distance, between the ram and the bed can be altered by making changes in the shut height. The shut height is changed by either decreasing or increasing the length between the slide and the pitman arm. This is usually achieved through a motorized nut/screw assembly mounted between the slide and the pitman arm.

shut height


There are two methods for monitoring shut height. The Gemco 2110 Shut Height Monitor with the robust 952 BlueOx Linear Displacement Transducers mounted between the slide and the pitman arm will provide the direct displacement of the slide adjustment. The second method is to have a Gemco 1986 Resolver mounted off of the screw with a 2110 Shut Height Monitor in the Turns Counting mode. The resolver system can produce rotary to linear shut height position data. The benefit of a linear displacement transducer is that the unit can read the actual displacement and is unaffected by gearing backlash. Ease of installation is the benefit provided by a resolver.


  • Gemco truly understands stamping and is the only company that can supply a complete system including a 952 BlueOx LDT, 2110 shut height monitor, cable termination kit, and universal mounting kit
  • These accessories make the installation process simple and guarantee longevity


The Gemco 2110 Shut Height Monitor and 952 Blue Ox LDT offer absolute position feedback even in the most challenging environments.

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