Monitoring CO, CO2, and NO2 in Car Parks

Underground car park gas detection is usually installed for energy cost saving and environmental protection. Ventilation rates can be decreased to save energy if there is no exhaust gas pollution present.

Building regulations set out what is needed to retain safe conditions, specifically section F where gas detection is highlighted. Provided that the air quality is monitored correctly using suitable gas detectors, this is an extremely beneficial energy reduction solution.

Case Study

As the client needed to decrease costs whilst adding flexibility to their systems, IGD recently upgraded an analog car park gas detection system to their addressable systems. This not only supplied the client with the flexibility they needed; but also decreased the installation cost by 70%.

A Ground-Breaking Solution from IGD

IGD’s latest addressable gas detector technology (2-Wire Addressable) provides the optimum installation savings; while supplying increased flexibility and performance. Using over 100 years of industry-leading technology and gas detection knowledge, IGD supplies modular solutions to suit a number of applications.

2-Wire Addressable Systems

The 750 series detector nodes have 7 i/o points. This allows you to have local distributed control, allowing you to control:

  • Illuminated signs
  • Audible/visual alarms
  • Jet fans
  • Other gas detectors
  • Any device with a 4-20 mA output or Digital output/input

Furthermore, the 750 series controllers are available as a din rail mount version which permits users to incorporate the ‘brains of the unit’ into the overall ventilation control cabinet. The 2-Wire Addressable Systems have brought about cost savings of between 70-80 % when compared to other current gas detection systems.

The 2-Wire Addressable Systems are also attributed with a number of android apps, enabling service teams to service an IGD system quickly and effectively. In addition, their CO sensors now have a typical lifespan of 10 years; providing clients with peace of mind and decreased ongoing costs.

Why Choose IGD

Using their vast knowledge of these applications, IGD can help design effective systems. IGD frequently supplies systems for carbon monoxide monitoring (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) carbon dioxide (CO2), and flammable gases like LPG detection (for enclosed car park applications). This is dependent upon the client’s needs and vehicle profiles.

Carbon monoxide poses the biggest threat to life, so it is always the main detector in this application but other gases must also be assessed. If the underground area is mainly a ‘goods delivery point’ then nitrogen dioxide should be considered too, as this is generated from diesel-fueled delivery vehicles.

Similarly, flammable gas detectors may be included to combat heavier than air fuel leaks in countries with higher densities of ethanol, LPG, or hydrogen fueled vehicles. In underground areas where concentrations can accumulate quickly, these can create significant explosive atmospheres.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by International Gas Detectors Ltd.

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