Using a Laser Level Transmitter for Crystallization Tanks

Process Automation – Measurement & Analytics (PAMP), Thailand-based ABB, has won the first order from Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Thai Meiji) to develop the LLT 100 Laser Level Transmitter. The latest order will help Thai Meiji to upgrade its new manufacturing line of crystallization tanks with a stirrer. The company’s manufacturing plant is based in Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok.

LLT100 Laser Level Transmitter

Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Company Limited is the first plant in Thailand that has incorporated complete manufacturing process and utilizes advanced Japanese technology to distribute products to both domestic and international markets. With the development of manufacturing technology, the company aims to supply quality pharmaceutical and veterinary products.

The Requirement

The customer wanted to install a non-contact level measurement in a small crystallization tank with a stirrer. The stirrer and the tank’s narrow space created a challenge as it was difficult to apply level measurement using other technology such as ultrasonic or open-path radar. The wide beams of radar and ultrasonic can interfere with the side of the tank, stirrer, or uneven liquid surface that would affect the accuracy of the measurement.

The Solution

The complete solutions offered by ABB makes the entire process easier for the customer. The LLT 100 Laser Level Transmitter produces a small and a narrow beam, which is not affected by liquid surface and space, which makes it perfect for the customer’s application.

Thai Meiji has been satisfied with ABB new application for laser level measurement. It is exactly what they were looking for. Besides, ABB’s reliable after-sales service made us its first choice.

T.G. Control Co., Ltd (TG Control), ABBs Dealer

The first order of one unit of Laser Level Transmitter was delivered and installed in August, 2016, and a second order of seven more units will be placed in 2017 if the customer is satisfied with the product and service of ABB.

TG Control worked closely with ABB from the beginning, enabling the company to provide a smarter solution in less time.

Laser Level Transmitter LLT100

The LLT100 Laser Level Transmitter

The high-performance laser transmitter, LLT100 can accurately measure position, distance, and level over long and short ranges. The LLT100 is a non-contact, level measuring instrument that has been designed specifically for industrial applications and harsh environments.


The LLT100 is specifically designed for harsh environment and industrial applications. It provides continuous and non-contact level measurement for inventory management and process automation in industries including pulp and paper, mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, pharma, power, and water and waste water.

Low Ownership Cost

  • Zero maintenance
  • No calibration required
  • Versatile level transmitter


  • Fog and dust penetration capabilities
  • Precise measurement of any liquid/solid surface
  • Explosion proof class 1 / division 1 (zone 1)


  • Easy setup function
  • Fast and flexible set up
  • Two wire powered and HART communication

Fast delivery

  • Less than two weeks from order to reception

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ABB Level Measurement Products.

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