OEM Pressure Sensors for Fuel and Vehicle Applications

Innovative and reliable OEM pressure sensors available from First Sensor can be integrated in commercial vehicles, motor vehicles and special vehicles, which can be adapted to customers’ specific requirements with a high level of application expertise. First Sensor manufactures all central components itself and thus ensures the long availability of all products for both series production and the aftermarket.

OEM Pressure Sensors for the Safe, Comfortable and Economic Operation of Cars

OEM Pressure Sensors for the Safe, Comfortable and Economic Operation of Cars. Image Credit: First Sensor

OEM Pressure Sensors

In latest vehicles and mobile machines, the number of sensors used is continually increasing. Since sensors provide the measuring values for the electronic control units, they serve as an important component to ensure safe, economic and comfortable operation of buses, cars and trucks. In automobile applications, the extreme conditions such as cold, heat or continuous vibrations place considerable demands on the resilience and reliability of sensors but at the same time these sensors also need to be compact, cost effective and energy saving.

First Sensor offers sensor solutions in a variety of pressure ranges, from vacuum to high pressure and with customized and pressure/electrical connections. The company also provides a wide range of digital and analog interfaces, for instance I²C, PWM, LIN, SENT and ratiometric signals. First Sensor develops and manufactures all custom OEM pressure sensors according to the quality management system for the automobile industry ISO/TS 16949.

First Sensor Solutions for Fuel Applications

First Sensor offers OEM pressure sensors for fuel applications. These sensors are used for tank leakage diagnostics, tank pressure measurement and fuel delivery, and as an option come with a built-in temperature sensor. The OEM pressure sensors are either installed directly in the tank or on the tank wall, where they are fully enclosed by fuel vapors or fuel. For measurement in the tank, First Sensor provides patented processes and technologies that enable cost-effective, space-saving, and maintenance-friendly sensor solutions. Further, the OEM pressure sensor can be mounted on components of the fuel supply system for example a fuel line or a tank flange, or can be directly incorporated into the fuel delivery module.

The highly accurate low pressure sensors from First Sensor are used for leakage measurement, since they are capable of detecting even slight pressure changes in the fuel tank. In order to control the tank air intake and extraction, First Sensor provides pressure sensors that monitor both overpressures and negative pressures in the fuel tank.

High Pressure Sensors for Hydraulic Applications

High Pressure Sensors for Hydraulic Applications. Image Credit: First Sensor

Further First Sensor Solutions for the Vehicle Industry

In brake booster systems, First Sensor’s vacuum pressure sensors control the vacuum pump by measuring the negative pressure and thus guarantee optimal support for both the braking action and the start/stop function. To support electrohydraulic power-assisted steering, First Sensor provides multiple integrated pressure connections and high-pressure sensors for measuring different temperatures and pressures. In order to set the damping of the engine suspension, the company uses application-specific integrated circuits to design and manufacture pressure sensors with very fast signal processing. In automobile air-conditioning systems, the sensor solutions from First Sensor measure pressure, and as an option, also measure the temperature of refrigerants such as R1234yf, R134a, and R744 (carbon dioxide).

Common rail injection up to 3000 bar, exhaust gas after treatment (SCR) systems, exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR), and low and high pressure applications for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are other application areas of First Sensor’s sensor solutions.

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