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Flow Meter - NivuFlow 600

The NivuFlow 600 is designed for flow measurement of full pipes. It allows for highly accurate flow measurement using the transit time technique in full pipes. It realizes up to four measurement paths.

  • Single or multi path measurement, up to 32 measurement paths with extension modules
  • Ultrasonic transit time measurement
  • Easy installation without process disruption
  • Flow meter for insert or non-contact clamp-on-sensors
  • Easy start-up because of menu guided sensor positioning
  • High accurate flow measurement in clean and slightly polluted media
  • High-resolution graphic daylight display
  • Intuitive, advanced operating concept
  • Extensive diagnostic operations for reliable initial start-up and quick maintenance

General Description

The NivuFlow 600 system was built mainly for flow measurement in full pipes. To meet the maximum accuracy requirements, it is possible to equip the transmitters with up to four measurement paths, with up to 32 velocity paths. There are pipe sensors and contactless clamp-on sensors available for the measurement system. Interrupting running processes to install both sensor types will not be necessary. The system is ideal for the detection of flow rates in a variety of liquid media covering a broad range of applications.

Typical Applications

  • Hydropower
  • Irrigation systems (volume distribution and billing)
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Outlets and inlets conducting cooling water or circulation systems
  • Pump monitoring and verification
  • Industry: process water, slightly polluted water and more
  • Comparative measurements

The Measurement Principle

The measurement principle of the NivuFlow 600 utilizes the advantages of transit time. With this technology, ultrasonic signals between two sensors are measured. The transit time in flow direction is shorter compared to when it is against the flow direction. The difference between the two transit times is proportional to the average flow velocity along the measurement path. With the number of the measured paths, the accuracy increases accordingly.

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